Your Life, Your Map - Part 1

Let's talk about MAPS! 

Do you have a map for your life?  And do you check it regularly?

It goes without saying - when you go traveling into unfamiliar territory and need to get from point A to point B, you must consult a map.  Without a map, you're lost, drifting, and missing out on all the stuff you want to see and do and experience!

The same thing applies to the journey that is your life!
Point A is where you are now.  Point B is your goal, where you want to get to.  The map of your life is the course you chart to take you from point A to point B.  However, before you can chart that course, you have to clearly define point B as much as you can at this present moment.  Most of us do have an idea of where we want to be in our lives, but sadly, it's usually a very vague idea.  Vague ideas don't make very good point B's.  Not at all.  They're like moving clouds - intangible and utterly impossible to pin down.  This is why so many people feel like they are not getting what they want out of their lives - because they never take the time to figure out exactly what it is they want in the first place!

So, how do you "pin down" your point B?  First, give yourself permission to want what you want.  Let go of all your excuses, perceived limitations, and even those "responsibilities" that you feel you have to take care of.  I'm not saying run off at the expense of the people in your life who depend upon you.  I'm saying let go of it all for a moment. Act as if.  Too often we feel like we're taking the noble route by giving up on our dreams for "other people's sake" when in fact, we're just playing it small and your family, your kids, your business, the world does not profit from you playing it small.  Here's a thought for you: "If you help as many people as possible get what they want, you will automatically get what you want."  -Jim Rohn

We've got it backwards here!  The very reason why you're telling yourself you can't, could be the reason why you can - and should! You have to reprogram your mind and that's why this blog is here for you.  :)

So, decide what you want.  Got it?  Alright, this next part is important:  Write. It. Down.  Recently there was a 2 decade study conducted on a group of Harvard graduates who all claimed to have goals and a portion of that group was phenomenally more successful then the rest.  Guess what they did differently?  They wrote their goals down.  Such a simple action with such incredible power.  There's something magical that happens when pen meets paper.  It's like the goal-achieving part of your brain flips the ON switch and goes to work for you to turn the written word into reality.  I'm not trying to sound abstract here, this is scientific stuff.  The human brain is an awesome thing to study. 

Okay!  Now your point B is pinned down, flagged, and flashing the green light!  haha
Now you have all this "open space" between points A and B.  This is where it gets really interesting.  But that piece I'm saving for tomorrow's article.

Michelle R.

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