Danielle LaPorte and Chris Guillebeau

Danielle LaPorte and Chris Guillebeau get together to give value in this video interview!

I like how the host says she's on a mission to bring you behind the curtain stories and lessons from entrepreneurs that you won't find in an MBA program:

Watch video at this link: http://vimeo.com/45584598


Go design a life where you can be free.

Practical advice.

You need to be able to dance between the vision and getting down to hustling.

Hustling: relationships, creating, connecting, the art of self-promotion.

Why would you want to do something you're not passionate about?

You'll wither without passion.

Just give.

Give it away and see.

Underpromise, overdeliver.

How can I be of value?  How can I be of value?

My marketing plan is strategic giving.

"For years I wanted to be a writer and I never did anything about it."

"Even if nobody cares about it, I'm going to do it."

Make what you love to do, helpful and useful for other people."

If this is going to work, it's up to me.

People will show up and respond.

The more transparent you are, the better.

"I'm thrilled to do what I do."

This Girl Means Business Magazine...Exciting Things Happening at OWL! :)

A little over a month ago, I stumbled across this absolutely amazing digital magazine called "This Girl Means Business."

I downloaded the issue on my IPad and was really blown away by the concept, simplicity, clarity, and beauty of it.  I felt like it really resonated with everthing I strive to communicate to people through OWL about personal development. 

I knew immediately that I wanted to use this magazine for the OWL mastermind members and workshops.  I've been searching for a way for members to be able to study something in common so that when get together for our workshops, we can have the advantage of communicating "on the same page."

About a week ago, I contacted Carrie Green (the wonderful woman behind this magazine) asking if I could "join the team" by contributing articles and after checking out the OWL blog, she gave me the green light!  Thank you, Carrie!!!

Don't wait another minute before diving into this awesomeness!!!  Go and check it out here: http://www.thisgirlmeansbusiness.com/

OWL Answer: Effective Blogging

Anthony Tornito asked:

Hey Michelle! Thanks for all the cafe memories. I wish the best for the next phase of your adventure! Question: Will you be creating a blog post for those who are interested in making a blog? Like how to create an effective one?

Well, I love being a facilitator - connecting people with resources from other great people.  And to answer this question, here is a podcast by a hugely successful blogger named Michael Hyatt titled "7 Keys to Writing a Killer Blog Post:


If you have any questions, I'm happy to help by leading the way to the resources that can help you.
- Michelle Rohr aka Personal Development Facilitator ;)

OWL Assignment: Make the Most of It

Saw an update on Facebook from Jack Canfield just now saying:

"As we near the final quarter of 2012, what do you still want to achieve in the remaining months of the year?"

What would have to happen for this year to be your best year yet?  Get a headstart on your 2013 New Years Resolutions by developing the right habits and self-discipline now.  What would have to happen this year for you to achieve your goals for next year.  Have you even set your goals for next year?  We have to either take responsibility for our lives by setting goals or default to living life on repeat.  Every year sets the stage for the next.  If you want 2013 to be great, then make the most of what you have left of 2012.

OWL Assignment: Make a Hello and Goodbye List

Take two sheets of paper and write "Hello" on one and "Goodbye" on the other.  On the "Hello" sheet, make a list of all the things you want to come into your life right now and on the "Goodbye" sheet, write down all the things you want to leave your life right now.  Give it a deadline.  30 days?  90 days?

We all know there is power in focusing on what we want, but there is also power in identifying what we need to let go of.  This is not to say that everything listed under "Goodbye" is unhealthy or bad.  Maybe it's just stuff you're not using anymore, stuff that should be sold or given away. 

When we let go of something, we make room for something else, something better.  With every goodbye, there's a new hello.  :)
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