What I like about this...

Hi, I've decided to write more about just the little things that I notice and like.  Things that I'm piecing together as I think about how I want to live and what exactly makes me prefer things a certain way.  I hope you get value from my little observations and start thinking more intentionally about how you want to live too.

The fridge makes me think about:
- how much refridgerator space do we really need for one person or even two?  There's alot in a fridge that rarely gets eaten. 
- Maybe with a smaller than usual fridge we would be more mindful when we grocery shop and instead of just throwing stuff in the cart for the sake of filling up the fridge, we would shop according to a pre-planned menu for the week. 
- This would equal less spending, less left-overs, less food going to waste, and healthier eating.

No dishwasher:
- This would mean washing the dishes as soon as they're dirty which would mean that the kitchen is always clean and instead of feeling like you need a bunch of dishes and silverware, you learn to wash and reuse. 

No cabinets:
- Have you ever counted the number of cabinets and shelves you have in your kitchen?  It's a carry-over from industrial age kitchens when women would literally use their kitchens for so many household needs beyond cooking that kitchens had to function like mini-factories.  But because we have so many conveniences now, it isn't necessary to have so many compartments and space. 
- You really don't need a vast amount of space in order to cook something either.  Ask any chef.
- Having a small amount of counter and storage space helps you keep kitchen clutter at bay.  Do you really need 6 spatulas?

Shelving instead of cabinets:
- Having everthing visible on bare shelving instead of hiding away in cabinets encourages you to keep your kitchen neat and organized.  When things aren't visible, they can go unused for years and who is that helping?  Give it away.

I just plain like that everything in this kitchen can move around (except the sink).  There's something about mobility that feels cleaner and smarter and not so grounded, fitted, and stagnant. 

What do you like about this kitchen?
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