13 Lessons Printable

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And Happy New Year!

New Year's Mastermind Meeting Printable

It's New Year's Eve here on Guam and my Mastermind group and I just had a special year review and 2014 goal setting meeting last night.  I put together a quick printable to help guide us along.

Just click on the printable to view and print. :)


My little printable is getting around

It was fun seeing my printable featured on Spoonful today.  I love the world of blogging. :)

Check out Spoonful to view "14 inspiring ways kids can celebrate New Years."

And thank you to whoever put my printable in the mix. ;)

Free NEW YEAR Printable

Merry Christmas!  Here is a printable to help you prepare for the new year!  To print full size sheet, CLICK ME!

It doesn't get easier...

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The secret (in a nut shell) to putting procrastination to death

If you believe it, go ahead and PIN it!  :)

7 Steps to Financial Peace

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I'm a big fan of Dave Ramsey and his baby steps to financial peace.  I've just created the above poster to print out for our house, but I did tweak one baby step: I switched out "College Funding" for "Personal Development Funding" because I've learned that investing in your own personal development through books, audios, conferences, masterminds, etc, can give just as great a return, if not greater, than a college degree - especially if you know you want to take the entrepreneurial path.
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