30 Day Challenge: let go of one thing a day

Every day, for the next 30 days, I am going to let go of one thing I own. This will be extra challenging for me because I've habitually been getting rid of personal stuff for years so that literally everything I own can fit into a single cardboard box! At first, I found myself wanting to do this challenge just yesterday without really knowing how or why, but as I am writing this I realize that the real reason is most likely stemming from the fact that I have decided to close down my cafe, and so I'm about to have plenty of possessions from my cafe that cannot be sitting around. So first, this stash of marketing posters. Bye bye!
Take this challenge with me! Let's de-clutter together. :)

Sketching out a new logo

How I "Keep a Journal"

This is my life hacking journal.  I use it to record ideas, think out stuff, reflect, write notes, and focus.  If I have an idea, I write my idea in this journal.  If I have an epiphany, it goes in this journal.  If I need to dump my brain, it goes in this journal.  It pays to be a student of life.  Keep a life hacking journal.

3 Questions for Easier Living by Danielle LaPorte

1. Out of what needs to be done in your life -- work, household, creativity -- what do you do best?
2. What space do you have access to -- in your home, work, city -- that makes you feel the most peaceful and/or inspired?
3. What are you doing that you resent, and how can you phase out of that?

Answer these questions on www.DanielleLaPorte.com

p.s.  The pig's cute.


What makes life work?

What am I not taking complete responsibility for?

Am I holding onto disbelief?

Activity is king.  Results are for later...like 18 months later.

Develop the skills.  Forget about the results for now. 

What's the big deal.  It takes time.  And time will pass no matter what you do.  What do you want life to look like in 5 years?  That future you is still you.  Take care of that person.

Pain does not need to be a part of progress.  There's always a way to make it enjoyable.  Stress is something we create by how we respond, behave, perceive, do or not do.  Feel rushed?  Start the day earlier.  Solutions like that.  Simple.

The Goal isn't Really the Goal

It sounds wrong - the goal isn't really the goal - but it goes back to what Jim Rohn talks about concerning the true nature of achieving goals.  It's impossible to really "work on a goal."  You have to work on YOURSELF and then your goals will develop and manifest in proportion to your own personal development.  And then when we reach that goal, be it a vacation, a new occupation, a better friendship...we realize it isn't the achieving of the goal that is so great, it is who we've become in the process.  As Jim Rohn said, "Become a millionaire for what it will make of you to become a millionaire.  And then give the money away." 

This takes the pressure off because we human beings are extremely poor at realizing how close we are to achieving the milestones we set for ourselves, and we can stress ourselves out over "lack of progress."  As soon as we realize that the goal isn't the goal - it's who we are becoming - then we can celebrate every day just knowing that we're even only 1% better than we were yesterday.  As Kyle Maynard (a man born without arms or legs who crawled up Mount Kilamanjaro) said, sometimes you need to look back down the mountain and give yourself credit for how far you've come. 

An OWL interview with an OWL member: Sirena Mafnas

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned this year?

I’ve learned a lot of lessons. I can’t really pinpoint any one of them. If I had a dollar for all of the lessons, epiphanies, paradigm shifts I’ve had this past year, I’d be a millionaire. But I would say the biggest lesson I’m learning right now is to take 100% responsibility of EVERY SINGLE THING that happens to me. I’m incredibly tired of blaming other people. You can’t change other people, so the best thing to do is change yourself. Of course, I didn’t come up with that. I learned this from many successful people I look up to. I’m actually, at heart, so excited for more improvement because my life will never get boring. My life is a big adventure.

What kind of path have you chosen for yourself?

The path less traveled! I feel so different compared to how I used to view life and the world in high school. I thought I would just go to school forever. I like school. I like learning, but there are so many other interests I have that I don’t think I would have found I had a passion about if I just went to school. People usually think, “Go to school, get good grades, get a job.” But to me it’s, “Go to the place where you can learn the most and from the best about your passion, commit yourself to it by doing the necessary things every day, create the life you want to live.”

What are some of the things you want to do in the next 5 years?

My passions are Catholicism, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and being a business owner. In the next 5 years, I want to be greatly involved in spreading knowledge about the Church and helping people understand Catholicism better, whether it’s having a radio show or writing a weekly column in the paper. With Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I want to be competing internationally, winning tournaments, inspiring people all over, and eventually teaching kids with Autism. I most especially want to build my business to a level that I know will influence other people to be strong and confident in their businesses and change people’s lives so they can pursue their own dreams.

To see the progress Sirena's been making on one of her passions, see her blog here: CATHOLIC APOLOS

An Interview with another traveler: Justin Lane

What advice would you give to an 18 year old?

If you live everyday like its your last... it probably will be. You can live your life to the fullest AND do it in a way that won't hurt you or the people you care about. Find that way and you will not regret a thing.

What would you say constitutes "the good life"?

 "The good life" is when you expand your experiences and comfort zones - it is finding the beauty in other people and cultures - it is valuing human life and love above all - it is being the person you want to be and not making excuses - it is setting goals that mean something to you and reaching goals - the good life can be found in many places and has a lot more to do with inner peace and love than beautiful places and things...but natural beauty and cool techno gizmos are fun to find on the journey.

 I work in the tourist industry because of the mobility that it allows me. Working as a bartender/server/deckhand/ snorkel instructor and any other job I can find has allowed me to live a comfortable life style and work while living in the places I've always wanted to travel to. Gaum and the Carribean have been wonderful tropical places to live, but I have also been very happy living at the north rim of the Grand Canyon and Death Valley.

The world is full of different types of beauty and they all call to me, so settling down will be a hard decision. Side trips to many exotic locations like Niceragua help me to settle my wanderlust.

OWL Assignment: The Significant 5

Robin Sharma calls it the significant 5.

What 5 things need to happen for this month to be REALLY significant?

What 5 things need to happen for this week to be REALLY significant?

What 5 things need to happen for this day to be REALLY significant?

The reason I think this way of operating works better than a To Do List is because it forces you to think about what is MOST important.  Because even if you check off most of your To Do List, it wouldn't really add up to much because chances are ... you subconsciously avoided completing the tasks that were MOST important - which is what we tend to do.  Sometimes I forget to operate around the significant 5 and I can tell you, life gets busy about nothing fast.  Shove out the clutter, focus on what's KEY, and the rest will take care of itself.

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