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In the beginning of the year, we set all kinds of goals, but ultimately things progress in a different way than we could have predicted. New resources, epiphanies, connections, and opportunities come into our lives and our goals and definition of success may have shifted a bit. I know mine have! This isn't a bad thing - it's an exciting thing!  So now it's time to hit the refresh and re-focus button with a Mid-Year Review.

I believe that the mid-point of a year is a very special time for goal-setting because we are able to set goals for the rest of the year with more clarity and wisdom than we had during the New Year season.

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Tracking Your Habits

Keeping track of your success habits is an amazing way to make consistent progress towards your goals. If you're not keeping track of your daily activity, then you're putting yourself in a position that makes continuous improvement difficult and mysterious.

Having a clear view of how much attention you're giving to the activities that MATTER will help you create a plan for improvement so that each week can be better than the week before, instead of just a mediocre repeat.

Here are 3 powerful reasons why you should be keeping track of your daily habits and routine:

Hello June Printable + Wallpaper

Have you ever found yourself working like crazy only to find that you're going in circles? I think this happens when we forget to give ourself a target to focus on. Without a clear idea of what we want to achieve, we're just spinning our wheels - we're keeping our head above water, we're "surviving," but we're not moving any closer to the shore.

What is your shore? What does it look like? How long will it take you to get there?

When you know what you want, you can hold a picture of it in your mind. You always get what you picture in your mind. How clear is your picture? Having a clear idea of what you want means that you can stop treading water in the middle of nowhere and start swimming toward your target because now you can actually SEE it.

I hope these HELLO MONTH printables help you see your target a little more clearly every month...

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