Free Hello August Printable and Wallpaper

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And just like that, it's August. haha. SO! New month, new goals, new energy, fresh start. When I create these printables, the questions and prompts I come up are just what come to my mind. Two things have been on my mind lately: Self-Care and Passive Income.

I'm starting to read a book called The One Thing. It opens up with how people are working harder than ever in an age of unlimited opportunity and yet many people still can't quite get out of the hectic ping-pong frenzy of home - work - home - work - home - work and the feeling of never getting ahead of the game. 

Before I started creating passive income and understanding the concept of leverage, I was stuck on that ping-pong table. I used to run a coffee shop, spinning a dozen plates - literally and mentally. Knowing that I didn't want to be doing that long-term helped me make the decision to shut it down. 
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