Why I always throw away my journals

The concept that stood out most to me in this video is when she said that the thing that we hold onto the most is often the very thing we need to let go of. I've stumbled on this practice myself in my own personal organizing. The most recent "big" thing I've let go of were my journals. I threw them all away. Yup. And it's something I do regularly. 

I remember when I wrote a guest post on Miss Minimalist, I shared about how I throw away my journals. I got a lot of comments from people who were really intrigued by the idea. They started to contemplate what kind of de-cluttering action they could take with their own pile (or boxes!) of journals. The idea forced them to get honest with themselves and even admit that their old journal collection was starting to cause them anxiety. Just the thought of someone else reading what they wrote in privacy was unpleasant.

It's a personal decision in the end. For me, journals are a TOOL to help me grow and think things through. They represent a version of myself that I've outgrown. I don't want to identify with an old version of myself. I want to focus on the NEW. I don't want to "look back" over past experiences. I want to make NEW and BETTER experiences. Throwing away my journals is like an affirmation to myself - an affirmation that practically shouts, "IT'S TIME TO GET OUT THERE AND WRITE A NEW STORY."

I see so many people who talk so much about their past as if it's this wonderful, glorious thing and the best time they can ever expect to have. I don't want to fall into that thinking. In my world, THE BEST IS YET TO COME. My past has nothing on my future.

So it's kind of an interesting process - I write in a journal for my personal development and I throw them away for my personal development.

There's a romanticized idea of leaving your journals for "generations to come," but I don't want to be limited by that idea either. I don't want my journals to be my legacy. I want the stuff I create in THE WORLD and on THIS BLOG to be my legacy. If I have something worth sharing and teaching, it goes HERE on this blog in order to give value to the world NOW, not after I die.

So in the end, I think you just have to choose. You have to weigh the pros with the cons according to what your value system is I guess. Maybe if you really think your journal entries are worth passing on, then put it in an ebook and self-publish it, or start sharing them in a blog...what are you waiting for?

Free Paris-Inspired Week at a Glance Printable

Several years ago, I was fortunate enough to spend 3 incredible weeks in Paris on my own. I went to the Notre Dame Cathedral almost every day, ate fresh croissants, walked all over the place, went up the Eiffel Tower, stayed in a real-deal Parisian apartment, a beautiful hostel right on the river, a cozy attic bedroom...Right before I went to Paris, I sat down with a lady in Nice, France who was nice enough to take the time to walk me through a map of Paris and give me a list of things to do - a list that she compiled and refined over the course of visiting Paris over 40 times in her lifetime. I thought that was crazy - go to Paris 40 times!? But after I spent 3 weeks there myself and started to get to know certain areas - like the walk by the Seine - like the back of my hand, coming back to Paris 40 times didn't seem so crazy any more.

Are you a fan of Paris or France too?

Click the following link to download your Paris-inspired printable: Paris Week at a Glance Printable

Here are some pictures from my trip:

Free Printable: October Calendar

Hello October! Right now, we are getting ready for a typhoon that's about to hit Guam, so I knew I had to hurry up and create this for you before the internet disappears. Island life. :)
Hope you like it! I'm getting better at doing these every month so check back next month for your November calendar too!
To download the PDF, click the following link: October Calendar Printable
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