OWL Workshop 1/20/12

For our workshop this week, we watched a 15 minute vid by the one and only Robin Sharma: 8 Steps to Winning in the New Year <<CLICK

Then, using the insights from the vid, we answered these questions:

What are my 5 key goals this year?

What are 5 ways that I can strip away noise and distractions from my life?

What are the 3 things I am most resisting and most afraid of? "Your greatest life is on the other side of your fear."

What are 3 ways that I can work on my personal development?

What are 3 ways that I can work on my health?

What are 3 ways that I can achieve deeper levels of rest/rejuvenation so that I can bring more ideas and creativity to what I do?

What are 3 ways that I can eliminate negative influences/people in my life?

Be honest: What are my most common excuses that are causing me to postpone living?

How to Get to Something Better

This is one of those life lessons that won't let you move on from the drawing board until you get it.
When we are unsatisfied with where we are, it is so easy to go into complacent mode...waiting around for things to change.  But that's exactly the recipe for staying stuck.  

The way to move on is to really appreciate and be grateful for where you are right now.  How so?  Because when we are grateful, we are happier and more positive.  And when we are positive, we make the most of our present circumstances.  

We are more productive and have our radar up for opportunities.  We start doing things that are outside of our routine.  All this adds up to creating change in your life and before you know it, your life is in a better place and you have become a better person.  
OWL Principle:
If you want to move onto a better place in your life, then make the most of where you are now.

What are your tips for getting unstuck and moving on?

OWL Assignment: Listen to this Audio on Fear

1)  Click HERE and listen to a 2 minute audio titled Darren Hardy Deals with Fear.

2)  Take notes.

3)  Make a list of the things you don't want to do.

4)  Transfer those things into your planner and do them.

And remember, whatever it is that you don't want to do is probably the thing that you should do.

Tipsy on Instant Gratification

"Do not judge your results.  Judge your activity."

How do you know if you're staying on the upward curve of the slight edge?  Well, ask yourself this question: What am I focusing on more - my results or my activity?

In some cases, I think we need to throw our compulsion to see results out the window.  Why?  Because our mental time frame for when we think we should start experiencing results is terribly skewed.

The Time it Takes

Once upon a time, most people were self-employed - they were farmers.  In the spring, they plowed and fertilized the land so that they could plant seeds.  Then they spend months weeding and watering those plants under the hot summer sun.  After time, sacrifice, patience, sweat and toil, they are finally able to reap a harvest.

Today, we go to the grocery store and check out. 

I'm not proposing we need to "go backwards" and all become farmers, but we do need to cultivate the mentality of a farmer when it comes to achieving success.  How ridiculous it would be for a farmer to plant apple seeds and wake up the next day expecting to eat apples?  But this is the attitude that most people take toward achieving results in their lives.  They want to see the payoff right away.  We're all a little tipsy on instant gratification.

Seasons of Life
Results are important, but don't go looking for them in the spring.  Wait for the fall.  And in the meantime keep doing the activity.  Keep watering, cultivating, weeding, fertilizing, pruning, and let the shining of the sun and the passing of time work its magic.  It's a healthier, more productive way to go because it is an approach that stays true to the nature of success and the seasons of life.

You Already Know What to Do

Success is simple.  As Jim Rohn said, it's simply a matter of mastering the fundamentals.  To grow a good crop, a farmer knows that he needs rich soil, seeds, water, and sun.  He can add fancier ways of doing things, but those fundamentals are the foundation of achieving a harvest.  No matter what you want to achieve, you can break it down into a set of actions that you can do every day to remain on the positive side of the slight edge.  Don't make it any more complicated.  Don't get hung up on results.  Just do the activity because achieving success really is as simple as that.

OWL Assignmnt: 2012 Focus Activity

Fill in the blanks:

My word for the year is _____________
What word would characterize how you want to approach this year?  Gratitude?  Self-awareness?  Energy?  Faith?

My skill for the year is _____________
What skill would make the most difference in your life and goals?  Learning a new language?  Public speaking?  Dealing with people confidently?  Speed reading?  Communicating more effectively? 

My priority for the year is _____________
What is your number one priority for the year?  What priority would have the biggest positive impact on your other priorities?  Trusting in God more?  Praying more?  Being a better person in general?  Taking care of your health and energy?    
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