Why do we do what we do - Part 2


I hope you enjoyed the vid of Chris Guillebeau below.  I put it up to help flesh out the last post about coming to grips on why we do what we do.  So what's the big deal anyway?  Why ask ourselves why we do what we do?

We have an innate need for approval.  We feel uneasy about doing anything even mildly significant unless there's someone around to give us that invisible permission slip that says "Yes, you can take a vacation to Moscow," or "Yes, you can pursue that business idea," or "Yes, you can do something different today."  And you know what?  Alot of people go through their whole lives unconsciously waiting for a permission slip that never comes.

We're constantly making choices based on other people's expectations and opinions of us.  This is an extremely sad and constricted way to live and it reminds me of something Jim Rohn said:  

"If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan.  And guess what they have planned for you?  Not much."

So, if you've done the last OWL assignment, look at the answers you've written to "Why do we do what we do?"  Examine your thought process behind the choices that put you where you are today.  Are they your own choices that you've consciously made to stay in alignment with the path to your goals?  Are they in keeping with the life you want to live?  Or were they made out of fear of what other people would think?

"We don't have to live the way other people expect us to."  - Chris Guillebeau

Do yourself a favor: Write your own permission slips!!!

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