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When we take the time to plan out our focus and goals for the month, it is so. much. easier. to plan out our weeks and days and feel like we're operating in harmony with a bigger vision for our lives.

This particular printable is extra special because it's from my Ultimate Life Binder kit and it has a section at the bottom reserved for reviewing the last 30 days at the end of each month. 
What worked? What didn't work? Do more. Do less.

How I learned to achieve my big goals 10x faster

What if the goal that you're working on took 2 weeks to achieve instead of 12 months?

What if the level that you're working to reach in your business took 2 months instead of 2 years?

This is something I've been learning lately: We give ourselves too much time to complete something and, by doing so, we actually make the process of achieving our goal harder than it needs to be. 

We need to start using our brain power in more creative and urgent ways. It takes very little creativity to map out how we can make something happen over the course of one to two years, but what if we really put our minds to work for us and entertained the "crazy idea" of making something big happen 5x sooner?

When I look back over anything significant I've achieved, it always took however long of a time I gave myself to make it happen. 

I'm sure you've heard of the Parkinson's Law: "Work expands to fill the time available for its completion." Well, here are a couple of times when I took a big goal and made it happen in a matter of weeks when I used to think it would take much longer...

Hello July Printable

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We're officially half way through the year and I hope you've taken the time out to conduct a Mid-Year Review for yourself. This Hello Month printable is full of prompts and questions to help you get clarity RIGHT NOW for how you're going to make the most of July, which I feel is just as important as New Year's Day because July kicks of the second half of the year! Let's accomplish more in the next 6 months than we did in the last 6 months, shall we?!

The reason I make these one page goal setting printables is because I think it would be a real pity to go month after month without taking even 10 minutes to sit down and "set your sail." The clarity that comes from identifying what it is that we want is what keeps us from drifting. 

As Jim Rohn said - life is always going to be pushing at us. It's up to us to push back and we do that through making plans and taking action. :)

Would you like for me to design a day planner printable specifically for YOU? Click HERE.
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