OWL Assignment #5: Why do we do what we do?

This week's OWL assignment is something I've learned recently from listening to a CD that I get with my subscription to SUCCESS magazine.  It featured a very interesting interview with online entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau (the guy in the pic). 

Chris has a popular blog (and book) called the Art of Non-Conformity through which he's basically pioneered a whole movement by challenging mass conformity to the status quo in favor of creating a more authentic, personal experience of life because, as Chris points out, "we don't need to live our lives the way other people expect us to." 

The insights Chris presents are refreshing.  He says he likes to do what he calls "self-interviews" to come up with meaningful, revealing answers to questions that help you identify your purpose and passion.  The question we're using for our OWL assignment today comes from Chris:

"Why do we do what we do?"

Sit down with a pencil and notepad and dig deep with this question!  Here's some sub-questions to help:
- why do I work at x?
- why do I want a degree in x?
- why do I have this goal to do x?
- why am I friends with x?

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