Thoughtful Thursday

We procrastinate on the things that we're not good at.
How can you make more time to work on getting good at those things?
You know when you want to get good at something.
Don't quit what you want to get good at.
Work on it.
Failing is still progress because failing can only occur when you're working on something.
Failure happens to people who are actually doing something.
Do nothing and there is nothing to fail at.
Success is the result of working and failing and working and failing.
The only way to really fail in the negative, permanent sense is when you quit. 
When you stop working on that thing, stop practicing...stop.
It's just easier to keep going.
Fail forward.
Fail awesome.
Keep failing until you recognize failing for what it is...progress.


  1. I love the new look of your website!

    This blog post really reasonated with me, for 45 days straight I exercised 6 days a week & then just stopped (grrr!!!)... I've analyzed ( & beat myself up long enough about this,time to be a big girl & get back to DOING the work.

  2. Hi Raye,
    I love how you've supported OWL with your positive comments and likes! The same thing happens to me - going really good on an activity and then whoag, "why did I stop?"

    I'm working on realizing the beauty of 1% and ask myself "what can I AT LEAST do?" instead of doing nothing...until I get back into full throttle.


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