Freebie Friday: 6 Steps to Planning a Darn Awesome Week

This is something that kept coming up between myself and friends in our mastermind group - we'd be making good progress and then all of a sudden realize that that we had fallen off track with the little things like packing lunch to avoid eating out, staying on top of appointments, or managing our money in the most effective way.

So we realized that it all comes down to proper planning...and that planning all comes down to sitting down and having a regular time to do it.

I've created this 6 step guide to help you (and myself!) remember the need to plan out my week before it begins and cover all my bases.

To print, click the following link: 6 Steps to Planning a Darn Awesome Week Printable

What do you think? Are there any steps that I did not include in this list that you use when you plan your week? Please share any further tips with us in the comments! :)


  1. I am definitely enjoying your website. You definitely have some great insight and great stories.

  2. I used to Plan every week! It really helped me to approach and reach my goals... after a while I stopped doing it & I can totally see how hard it is to accomplish those things. Anyway ! I'll try to make this habit again this is really helpful ! thanks a lot.


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