Freebie Friday: My Balanced Life Printable

It's FREEBIE FRIDAY! Ok, I'm a little late, but here is your freebie after all!

There's alot of talk around whether or not it's possible to live a "balanced life."
I like to think that even though you can't focus on giving massive action to more than one area of life at a time, we can always find a way to do something positive for each area - no matter how small.

1. Write down your life areas in the boxes on the left side: Health, Blog, Family Business X, etc.
2. On the lines on the right side, write one baby step that you KNOW you can do today for each life area. For example:
Health  :  Drink green tea instead of coffee
Blog  :  Write new post
Business  :  Follow up with customer

Keep it simple.

To print, click the following link: MY BALANCED LIFE PRINTABLE 

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