OWL Review of Darling Magazine

Stumbled across an interesting website the other day - www.darlingmagazine.org.  It features articles based on self-improvement, better living, etc, but what makes it unique is that the content seems to be organized according to personality type.  So, you can read according to how you operate in the world.  You simply click on the persona (signified by a really charming illustraion) that fits you - the intellectual, the dreamer, the explorer, etc.  This is great because information that may be helpful to "the achiever" could be a little jarring on the mindset of "the dreamer."  While we do embody the traits of many personality types - you can be an achiever with a bit of dreamer mixed in (making you a very creative achiever) - it's just neat to have the personalization.  Check it out. :)

Photo Credit: http://darlingmagazine.org/

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