My Review on the Opus Domini App

I'd like to share an app that has made my life easier.  It's called Opus Domini.  If you've ever used the Franklin Covey Planner system, this app is as close as you can get to it!  And for me, it's better than the paper planner because those things can get heavy and when something is too cumbersome to carry with you all the time, you'll end up not using it.  This was the case with me when I invested in a Franklin Planner a couple years ago.  After that, I switched to a mini moleskine planner, but even though that was more portable, it didn't help when my schedule would get complicated.  This app has the best of both worlds - the weight is your iPad or iPhone and it has every single feature of the Franklin Planner system. 

Right now, I am using the free LITE version.  Eventually I'll pay for the full package which is 8 or 9 bucks, but I want to get in the habit of utilizing the basics before adding on the all the bells and whistles. 

(This picture looks like the Lite version I have now, except my tabs [on the right edge] only feature the first two: Daily Tasks and Master Tasks)

What I like about the Opus Domini Lite:
  • I can write down all the things I need to do under Tasks, and then I can transfer the tasks to the schedule.  Writing a To Do list means nothing if you don't designate a time to get the stuff done. 
  • There's this red "needle" that combs through the schedule in congruence with the time of day.  This helps because I can look at my schedule and know instantly where I stand.  There is no "Ok, what time is it now?  What's next?  Did I miss something?"  When the needle is aligned with an event/action (marked by those colored boxes), it's like a signal to my brain: "Do this now before the needle makes it out of the box."  Weirdly helpful.   
  • The mini month at a glance at the top of the page is helpful.  No flipping around to get to it.
  • The quotes are always a breath of fresh air and the main reason why I bought a Franklin Planner in the past.
  • The empty space for Daily Notes is great for getting stuff out of your brain, even if it's not task oriented.
The paid version of the app looks super cool and extra helpful, but I recommend starting out with the Lite version so that you get the knack of using this tool as a part of your life.  In the end the simple features are really the most important features.

Visit this link for more information about this app:

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