Upcoming OWL Workshop

The upcoming Secret OWL Society Workshop is coming up this Friday, June 22.  For those of you on the list of members, you'll have received an email from me about the location and time of this workshop.  (Email me at michellerohr@gmail.com if you're not on the list and interested in being a member.)

At this workshop, we are going to listen to a CD by the great personal development coach, Jim Rohn, about what it means to develop a philosphy of life and why this is so important and fundamental to creating a life that works

Next, we will take a look at our dreams and goals.  We are half-way through the year, folks!  We are going to examine where we stand with our personal goals and refresh, revamp, and revive that list.

And last, we are going to identify the half a dozen habits that will propel us forward in alignment with our dreams and goals.  As Jim Rohn says, success is not complicated.  Success is simple.  It all comes down to about half a dozen practices that you do on a consistent basis that create all of your success.

What do you need to bring?  A notebook and pen.  You'll be taking lots of notes!

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