Notes from 6/22 OWL Workshop

Jim Rohn's Challenge to Succeed CD #1

The challenges you will meet on the road to success are far less difficult to deal with than the struggles that come with being ordinary.

A half dozen principles make 80% of the difference.

Start a whole new process.

Soon you'll enjoy the full harvest of reward.

The challenges will go into full retreat when you see how simple success is.

Work harder on yourself than you do on anything else.

Discover new emotions: How you FEEL about what you KNOW is what makes the biggest DIFFERENCE

You can become so involved in the process of earning a living that you forget the choices you have in designing your own life!

Where do I go from here?

We must develop a philosophy of life.

Time is more valuable than money.

There are 5 major pieces to the life puzzle - 5 things to work on for the rest of your life.

What makes life worthwhile?

What makes life work well?

Keep looking for the few things that make the most difference.  Then spend most of your time on those few things. (Time Management)  Most people major in minor things and fail for this reason.

There's only about a half dozen things you need to master!  These are the basics, the fundamentals.  The fundamentals of life, of living well...there are just a few!   Once you know them, you know them.  Once you got it, you got it!  There's no new ones.  Truth is old. 

So we got to establish our philosophy.

Human beings have the ability to think and process information.  Only human beings can tear up the old life script and create a whole new one. 

Your philosophy is always the root.

Outside circumstances is the wind, but you choose the set of your sail.  Set your sail with the books you read, the thoughts you think, the postive, uplifting people you hang around with, your activity.

Master the ability to come up with ideas.

Here's my personal 1/2 dozen things that make my life work right now:
1.  Simplify, simplify, simplify
2.  Daily gratitude
3.  Face fear fast - your greatest life is on the other side of your fear
4.  Measure activity - what gets measured improves
5.  Develop and diversify skill set
6.  Keep priorities - major in the major things, minor in the minor things

Here's my life philosophy (that is always being refined)
Live life on the Slight Edge: constant, never-ending improvement; when I improve myself, everything in my life improves for me.

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