Are you suffering from personal development frustration?

*I published this post a year ago, and now I'm re-posting it now because it's worth remembering.

In an interview with Darren Hardy, the publisher of SUCCESS magazine, he makes an incredibly important point to carry with you in your journey of personal development.

If you're a PD (personal development) newbie or even if you've been around a long time, you've probably experienced bouts of feeling overwhelmed by all the information. There's just soooooooo much to learn and you want to consume it all. You're jumping from book to book, audio to audio, program to program, blog to blog, etc. You're wired up with exciting information about how to improve your life in a million different ways and you feel great!

But then a few months or even a couple years pass by and though you feel and see some positive effects, you also realize that you haven't really applied what you've been learning. Yes, your life and overall sense of well-being has improved, but you know in your gut that you could and should be achieving more progress faster. And then the guilt starts setting in. This is what Darren Hardy called "personal development frustration" in his interview.

So how do we avoid it?

Darren Hardy says your mind is like an empty glass and it will hold whatever you put in it. Now imagine all the negative we encounter as we go thru our day. That's dirty water going in your glass whether you like it or not. The only way to get that dirty water out is to flush it with a continuous stream of clean water. That clean water is the positive input of personal development.

So, every day you have to keep that stream of positive input flowing constantly to flush out the negative, but the secret to avoid feeling overwhelmed by all the wonderful things you want to implement is to simply pick one thing that you want to focus on and apply it consistently and persistently starting right now for the next 30 to 90 days. Now, that stream of general PD input is still flowing because you can never take a break from flushing your mind because the monsters of negativity never take a break, but what you've done is allowed that stream of information to go into the background so that you can focus on one, specific thing to start applying in your life.

So pick your one thing now! Do you want to start implementing that investment plan that you read about 2 years ago? How about that exercise routine that sounded so good on the cd you listened to last month? Pick one thing and as Darren Hardy said: "Drive it deep!"

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