Free Hello Mid-March Printable

Hello! I'm back for another Mid-Month Review and Free Printable! This printable is centered around getting back on track with your one big goal for the month. I know that whenever I achieved something big in a short period of time, it was because I focused on doing ONE THING every day (no matter small) that helped push me toward my goal. So this Hello Mid-March printable helps you do just that. I recommend sticking it on the fridge or where you'll be able to see it and write on it every day.

Now for my review of what's been going on in my life lately...  :)

I created a corner in the living room where I can sit down in the morning with my coffee and plan out my day, read for my personal or spiritual development, write in my 5 Minute Journal, and review with my Life Binder.

This month's epiphany:
I've been realizing that I've been spending too much time debating with myself, so I'm making myself JUST DO IT basically. For example, it could be evening time and I'd be looking outside thinking I probably should get out of the house and take a walk. I used to go back and forth with myself and basically waste time and energy thinking if I felt like it or not. Now I immediately MAKE A DECISION and GO. So I've been doing this with different areas of my life and building up that MENTAL MUSCLE within myself to take action and do the right thing RIGHT AWAY.

Since moving into an apartment with an amazing view, great little kitchen, and an awesome, big dining room table, we've been throwing DINNER PARTIES a couple times a week and it's been so much fun cooking good food, having people over, and enjoying eachother's company around the dinner table.

I've been a cooking and baking every day since moving into my new place. These are whole wheat donuts that I made on Sunday for my brothers and sisters when they were visiting. YUMMY. Ahhh, I wish I still had some right now.

Today I received this amazing 2016 calendar from Carrie Green of the Female Entrepreneur Association. My roommates were even more excited about it than I was, I think (!!!) (and I'm pretty excited), so we had a great idea to share the calendar by putting our goals on post-it notes and using it for all of us. The year ahead is looking pretty amazing. We're such a great team. :)

I've been practicing working according to "Theme Days." I got this concept from the founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, who had a theme for every day of the week. For example, on Mondays he'd work on management. On Tuesdays, he's work on products. Et cetera.

I've gone through one week so far operating according to themes, and even though I have not been as focused as I'd like to be, I feel so much more productive and at peace with my to-do list. It also makes it so much easier to know what I ought to be working on when I'm planning out my day.

I created a printable for this purpose called "My Themed Days." It's available in the S.O.S. kit for March, so if you want to grab it, become a subscriber here >> click me :)

Yup, more food.

We've started buying fresh fish and making POKE - an insanely tasty dish. We're trying really hard to not make this to eat every day, it's SO good. Here's a great video I found on Youtube showing how to make it:

That's it for this month! I've basically been keeping up with building my business and enjoying my life with good friends and good food. My one big goal this month is to finish creating my graphics course. So, I'll definitely be using the Hello Printable for that! I hope it helps you achieve something big this month too. For more help on achieving something BIG, check out Carrie's Mission for March challenge HERE. She does it every year and it only gets better and better. :)


  1. Hi Michelle
    I'm new to your blog and I am so impressed with the theme of your blog and the high quality of the material you produce. I'm looking forward to applying your ideas and becoming more organized and productive.

  2. Every now and then when I am on a rooftop going through an existential crisis, I map out my timeline and ask myself, what kind of life do I want? And then I look at this blog and go, "I want a Secret-OWL-Michelle-Rohr-life!" But really. Your printables help me dream big, and you got me going to the gym at 5am, attending morning Mass at every 8am and decluttering my house. THANKS for your free stuff and bloggable sage advice, Michelle!

    1. This is one of the nicest comments I've ever received. Thanks, Michelle!


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