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Hi! So I'm really liking how I write up these posts that go along with the Hello Month Printables. I hope you like them too. I just breeze through some things that have been going positive in my life so far and it's super enjoyable to share it all with you and I hope it gives you value. To be honest, these are the types of posts that I've always wished I could read from other people that I look up to. So here we go!

I found this awesome cup by Kate Spade that has been helping me drink more water. I found that the closer I get to drinking a gallon a day, the more awake and alert I feel - even when I don't get much sleep.

I've been looking forward to turning 30 (I'm 27 now). Why? Because I can only imagine how much my life will change and improve because of the compound effect of the good habits I'm practicing in my businesses and in my life. I took this snapshot on Instagram of a pic in Tuscany because I am planning on celebrating my 30th birthday by spending a month in some place like this. You gotta keep the vision for your future BIG. :)

This Asian Salad that I tried from a recipe I got from Pinterest is AMAZING. Now that I've moved to a nicer apartment with a better kitchen, I've been cooking alot more. I like this salad because I can make a big batch and keep it cold - which makes lunch/dinner time super easy and tasty. It's a hit with my roommates too.


Whole Wheat Pasta - cook it separately and let it cool down before adding to the rest of the ingredients.

Slice up some:

- red bell pepper
- red cabbage
- chives
- cilantro
- cashew nuts

Make the sauce with:

- sesame seed oil
- olive oil
- minced garlic
- grated ginger
- juice from lemon
- brown sugar
- salt and pepper

I never measure anything - I just go by taste and kitchen experience. :)
If you do a search for "Asian Pasta Recipes" on Pinterest, you'll find something alot more detailed if you like.

Hey check out the view from my balcony! :) Before moving here I had written down that I wanted to live someplace where I could see the ocean through big glass doors and where the breeze could blow through the house. It happened. That's why you always, always keep writing down your dreams and goals.

Last month was an amazing month for my Life Binder kit. My Etsy sales totalled over $4000 for January! This month, I created an online course for the Female Entrepreneur Association called The Power of Printables and just did a live Google Hangout with Carrie Green showing the behind the scenes of how I've been able to have so much success with printables.

I really don't do anything fancy. I just do a couple things right and consistently put in the effort and energy so that I can't help but get results.

One sneak peek tip: Identify your goal and every day do ONE thing that has to do with getting you closer to achieving it. That's basically my whole strategy for success right there.

I'm in the process of writing a blog post/making a video of how I made $4000 last month on Etsy just with printables, so if you are on my email list, you'll know when that comes out! :)

Here's my little morning ritual nook where I sit and do my personal development and planning. I keep my Daily Planner and my Life Binder here too. You can't see it in the picture because I was using them at that moment. I've learned that when you take the time to "set yourself up for success" in this way, you make it easier to stick to new habits + rituals.

And that's all for this month! Enjoy the printable. I'm super excited to fill it out myself. And leave me a comment if you're liking these posts. Your comments give me energy to keep up the good work. :D


  1. Hi Michelle! What a wonderful blog post. :-) So very positive, you make it sound so easy to do and it really is. I have to take baby steps as my big goal is a lot like yours when it comes to where I dream to live and experience from my living room along with a warm breeze and palm trees and my family and I live in Minnesota, so doing the moving deed is quite daunting and my husband + change = next to impossible.:-/ Thank you for the mid-month printables I LOVE them, along with the other Secret Owl membership printables! But your blogs are fantastic - I love them as well as follow your advice, and it's so very do-able.

    1. Hi Jocelyn! Thank you so much for your comment and for being a member of the SOS Club. :D

      I think a huge part of success is just keeping your vision in front of you and pouring energy into moving toward it every day. This principle is at the core of every Hello Month printable I create. :)

  2. Fabulous printable as usual - you have such talent for this!
    I really love your whole site, yours is one of my favourite blogs and SO useful and full of content not just surface style. : )

    1. Thank you, Ta Le. :)

      It's such a pleasure to hear that my blogs is one of your faves. <3

  3. Hi Michelle. It's lovely that you share the behind the scenes of your life as well as the business side. I love that photo of Tuscany - it's such a beautiful place to be. I was lucky enough to do a yoga retreat there a few years ago. You'll have a wonderful time there :-)

    1. Hi Andrea! I'm looking forward to it. I'm also contemplating New Zealand...
      We'll see! :D

  4. Hi Michelle. Such a gorgeous blog! I found you through the FEA. Have you shared about how you made $4000 with your printables? I would love to learn how you've done it.

    1. I'm late with that post! I need to get on it. Thank you for holding me accountable - it's on my to do list to get it done this week. :)


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