100 Day Challenge: Health-Based Energy

I've set a challenge for myself, guys...a hundred day challenge of eating as healthy as I possibly can. There's alot of things that I want to accomplish, particularly in the next hundred days.

I've always felt that if we improve our energy by improving our health, then that can only help in the goal achieving process. Feeling better always gives you that extra edge to go the extra mile.

And yet, even though I KNOW that taking 100% for your life also means taking 100% for your health, I have not been as intentional as I could be about eating better and exercising. Part of the problem is a failure to set myself up for success in this area, but I've made progress (just knowing when you're going to shop for groceries and having a plan for what you're going to buy is huge).

So, while this blog is small and flexible, I'm going to experiment. I'm going to post pictures of my healthy meals for the next 100 days. Don't worry, I'll still be writing about personal development and sharing printables...but I think this health focus ties in with the fact that this blog is about helping you achieve your goals. If you're not taking care of your health, then you're basically throwing rocks in your path to your best life. It's just too hard to do what we need to do when we feel like "BLAH."

So, I'm going to enjoy the extra accountability pressure I'll be under for the next 3+ months. I hope you enjoy the journey with me and start your own personal 100 day challenge.


  1. Wow Michelle! This is amazing & giving me a push to set my own challenge too.

  2. I love that you're doing this. Please keep the blog updated with your health challenge! I am definitely interested in whatever healthy eating tips and meals work for you, since I would like to be more intentional with eating and exercise!

  3. I'm with you Michelle!! I'm focusing a great deal of attention to my physical wellbeing right now as well so it will be fun to follow along with you, too!

    Loving your newest printables and implementing them in my Life Binder right now!

    Thanks again for all that you do, it makes a big difference in the world!

    Lisa Iddings

  4. Thank you for the feedback Raye, Anon, and Lisa. It means alot :)

    Yes, I will keep on keeping on :)


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