The Magical Six Skills

I love the connections between minimalism and success.
Jim Rohn taught that designing a successful life comes down to mastering about half a dozen skills.

What if you could clear out, simplify, delegate, focus, organize, and minimize your life down to where you just honed in on those 6 skills?

How would your life be different in 6 months, 6 years, 6 decades from now?

The time is going to pass anyway whether you decide to be a master at those skills or not. And if you decide to do nothing about it, you'll be missing out on the magic of compound interest - the results of your commitment to mastery will grow faster than your imagination can keep up with.

It's better to put one essential skill into practice 100 times than to accomplish 100 non-essential tasks. The first gives results that can last for generations, the second gives results that die quickly.

But first we have to identify those 6 skills.

Hmm, maybe my printable for FREEBIE FRIDAY will help you do just that. Stay tuned. 

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