Freebie Friday: 6 Skills that Make All the Difference

This ties into the post I wrote just before this about Jim Rohn's teaching that there are 6 key skills that 80% of the difference in any area of our lives.

I wonder how many people read that quote and actually went on to identifying those skills so that they can work on them every day to achieve mastery.

This is why I make printables - to take an insight, idea, tip, or quote and get people to put pen to paper. It's the easiest part and the most important - but most people never write their thoughts down.
Until you write down what is in your head, it's just a thought. Writing it down is the first step toward turning thought into reality.

If you need any help using this printable, just ask me a question in the comments. :)

To print this, click the following link: 6 Key Skills Printable

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