How to Stick to the Books You Know You Need to Read

Look at your bookshelf.  Chances are, there is really only a small handful of books that you know are more than a little crucial for you to read right now - in terms of getting the information you need to take life/business/goals to the next level.

Sometimes, the books that we really need to read are the hardest ones to pick up. Maybe it's because we're afraid to have our excuses taken away for why we aren't taking action we should be taking.

This is when you need to ask yourself WHY you need and want to read and work through a particular book. You need to identify HOW it is going to help you.

To do this:

- Get that book, a pen, and a Post-It Note (I prefer the 4x6 ones). 

- Imagine the life you will live, the person you will become as a result of having applied the wisdom of that book to your life/business/mindset.

- Write it down on the Post-It Note.

- Stick the Post-It Note on the inside cover of the book.

Now, every time you open the book, read what you wrote first and you'll get even more excited about what you're about to learn, apply, do, be, and have - all as result of the 15-30 minutes that you are going to spend reading your book every day.

What do you think of this tip?
Tell me what you're currently reading and give a quick tidbit on how you want your book to change you and your life.

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