How I'm Using Pinterest

I LOVE Pinterest. I have like a million boards.

How do you make time to actually go back to those pins and absorb all the great info that they connect you to?
Where do you start when you can't remember which pin you wanted to dive into now/later/someday?

I think I've taken a step forward in solving this conundrum by creating boards based on a TIME FRAME.

For example...

I have a board titled "January" for all the pins I want to be sure to check out in January before the month is over.
And one titled "February" for all the pins, I want to check out soon, but later.

I also have a "2014" board for all the pins I want to check out before this year is out.

This way, I can be more intentional about what tips, articles, how-to's, ideas, etc. I want to integrate into my life in a timely fashion. 

Yes, you probably organize your pins pretty well already - putting fashion ideas on your "Wardrobe" pinboard and crafting ideas under your "Make This" pinboard.
Yes, it is helpful to place the "5 Tips for Bloggers" pin in your "Blog Stuff" pinboard...but WHEN are you going to go back and actually read up on those 5 tips?

Until you put a time frame on something that you want to do, it's a wish and not a goal.

Start turning your "Pin Wishes" into "Pin Goals."

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