Make the Activity the Goal

Duolingo and Lift (apps that I downloaded onto my iPhone recently) have reminded me of a critical success principle, and that is - don't make the goal the goal. Make the activity the goal.

Why is this important? Because you always have 100% (pretty much) control over doing an activity.  You can wrap your mind around activities and while it's vital to have big goals, you can't really DO the can only do the activity.  And when you focus on the activity, the goal takes care of itself.

So take any big goal you have right now and break it down into activities that can be accomplished on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.  I've done this with my goal to learn how to speak French.  I used to have trouble sticking to the goal because it would seem so far away.  Now that I found an easy, pleasant way to study with my Duolingo app, I've stopped focusing on the goal and started focusing on the activity instead: Complete 1 lesson in French on Duolingo every day.

Now I study my French a lot more.

Check out the Lift app as a way to measure your progress.  Measuring your progress in completing daily activities is the other side of the coin - don't skip it!

What do you do to measure your progress toward a goal?

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