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This interview comes from Rupa.  She's a true entrepreneur and helps run her family's business.  When I saw her the other day, I asked her if she would like to share what she's learned.  I know you'll get alot of value from her advice.  Enjoy!

What do you like best about being an entrepreneur?

When you're an entrepreneur, you look at every possibility to make some business.  That's what I like the most about being an entrepreneur.  There is no limit to what you can accomplish.  You can basically call your own shots and take charge of your own life and what you want to earn and gain from the opportunities that come across your way.  

What is it like working in a family business?

It is definitely not the easiest thing.  Sometimes we have to stop and remember we are professionals, and not bring issues from home to the office.  The best thing is that we all believe in each other.  We motivate and challenge each other everyday.  Of course we want to grow continuously so having hard working hands and minds in the business definitely helps accomplish the dreams and visions we see for our empire.     

What advice would you give to other young women entrepreneurs?

If you have a dream and a vision in your mind chase it.  You can do whatever you set your mind to, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  You have to block out the negative energy and stay focused on the positive.  Put your mind and heart into your dreams for success.  Don't give up and tell yourself and repeat to yourself you can do it.  You're mind is a powerful thing.  It is basically your wheel to your vehicle you take yourself where you want to go in life and what you want to accomplish.  

Surround yourself with people who will motivate you also.  Have a goal and stick to it.  Most importantly be yourself and be hard working.  Nothing in life comes easy and you just gotta remember in order to get something you gotta basically GO GET IT.  This is life and sometimes we come across bumps along our journey to success, but don't give up.  Keep moving forward.  Whether you get there or not at least you can say you tried.  You can only learn from mistakes. Don't rush to climb the top of the ladder.  Steady wins the race I believe.  In high school we use to sing this song in chapel and it went like this

"Little by little, inch by inch, by a yard its hard by a inch its a cinch, never stair up the stairs just step of the steps.  Little by little inch by inch...it's a cinch."

What inspires you?

I think what truly inspires me is my dreams for a good life.  I want to wake up happy everyday and doing what I love makes me happy.  I love making money, and helping people.  Making people happy is also my inspiration.  What better form of advertisement can you have that is free then word of mouth.  

My other inspiration is definitely my father also.  He taught me everything I know.  When it comes to the business and budgeting side of my life it all comes from my dad.  He always says and repeats this often to us "Don't cheat, don't lie, and don't hurt anybody."   I always apply this to my everyday life and whatever I do.  I put my faith in God, and believe in Karma, and know that if you do good things in life blessings will come.  


  1. Some good words of advice. What business is Rupa in?

  2. Thank you Marianne. Most of my time is consumed with the family business which is a Automobile and Tire shop.
    I am also a Real Estate Agent and I do Wholesaling of beauty and tourist gift products on the side.


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