Millionaire Interview with Seth Godin


Click HERE to watch the video interview with Seth and Jaime (creator of Eventual Millionaire).

Here are some of my notes from watching the video:

The purpose of making goals is to overcome fear.

Ask yourself: What do I want to not be afraid of?

Focus on the value you're creating, not the money.  The money will come.

"I keep doing things that don't make sense financially and I'm constantly pleased that I did them."

Don't make the mistake of making the goal the destination. (The journey IS everything)

The reason people don't have amazing missions is because they're afraid.

Use your fear.

When I hear a voice in the back of my head saying, "This might not work"...that's what I do.  That's my compass.

If I fail more, I win.

You gotta build the right thing - then you won't care about failing along the way.  "I got nothing to lose."

Work on scary, simple projects.

Get permission to follow up with people.

What do I do that is worth other people paying to be on the inside?  Teach people why it's worth it.


  1. Hi! I found my way here from Miss Minimalist.

    Ah, Seth Godin...Have I ever got a story there...One of my friends made a comment about one of his books in reference to me, and recommended that I read it. And, in kind of a round about way, it led to this incredible spiritual journey. Good stuff.

    1. The first time I heard him was in an interview he did with Darren Hardy for SUCCESS magazine. I didnt get it at first. Then I read his Poke the Box and the rest is history for me.


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