How to Start with Where You're at

When I first started being intentional about charging forward to create better results in my life, I always had a sense that I wouldn't be entrusted with bigger responsibilities and bigger rewards unless I appreciated and took care of the little tasks and tiny opportunities that were right in front of me.

And I've realized that this is how opportunities work.

In your life right now you have a handful of opportunities.  We overlook these opportunities because we don't want to be bothered by the task of dusting them off.  We want opportunity to pick us up, but it only works the other way around.

As soon as you open your eyes to the opportunities that are already in your life and take advantage of them no matter how insignificant or "not-worth-the-trouble" they may seem, then life will send you more.  And they will get bigger and bigger as you go along.

This is what I would tell myself to stay on track:
I can't expect life to send me bigger stuff if I'm not willing to show that I can take care of the little stuff. 
You gotta just start.

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