This Girl Means Business Magazine...Exciting Things Happening at OWL! :)

A little over a month ago, I stumbled across this absolutely amazing digital magazine called "This Girl Means Business."

I downloaded the issue on my IPad and was really blown away by the concept, simplicity, clarity, and beauty of it.  I felt like it really resonated with everthing I strive to communicate to people through OWL about personal development. 

I knew immediately that I wanted to use this magazine for the OWL mastermind members and workshops.  I've been searching for a way for members to be able to study something in common so that when get together for our workshops, we can have the advantage of communicating "on the same page."

About a week ago, I contacted Carrie Green (the wonderful woman behind this magazine) asking if I could "join the team" by contributing articles and after checking out the OWL blog, she gave me the green light!  Thank you, Carrie!!!

Don't wait another minute before diving into this awesomeness!!!  Go and check it out here:

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