OWL Assignment: Make a Hello and Goodbye List

Take two sheets of paper and write "Hello" on one and "Goodbye" on the other.  On the "Hello" sheet, make a list of all the things you want to come into your life right now and on the "Goodbye" sheet, write down all the things you want to leave your life right now.  Give it a deadline.  30 days?  90 days?

We all know there is power in focusing on what we want, but there is also power in identifying what we need to let go of.  This is not to say that everything listed under "Goodbye" is unhealthy or bad.  Maybe it's just stuff you're not using anymore, stuff that should be sold or given away. 

When we let go of something, we make room for something else, something better.  With every goodbye, there's a new hello.  :)

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