Bread and Milk

File:Cinderella Man poster.jpgBeen a while since I watched Cinderella Man, but I was listening to a CD in which someone recounted the story.  It was the Great Depression and James Braddock could not get enough work to support his family.  At one point his kids were sent away because there was no food left.  Determined to change his circumstances he decided to get in the boxing ring against the number one contendor in the world.  When asked why he would fight someone who had viciously killed two other boxers in the ring and could quite possible kill him too, Braddock replied, "I'm doing it for bread and milk."

What represents "bread and milk" for you?  What desire/dream/goal burns you enough to get you in that ring with your weaknesses, fears, and doubts?  You can't overcome what you don't face.  Braddock won that match.  He should have lost.  It would have made more sense if he had lost.  But when the dream is big enough, the facts don't count.  Is your dream big enough?

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