OWL Assignment: Read This

*This comes from Mike Klingler's Facebook status update.
Most of us have a dream (a lifestyle picture... of how we want to live, give/contribute, what we want to experience) -- When you can shift the definition of "living your dreams" to be the literal "daily steps" of becoming that person who can create the environment that inevitably attracts that dream INTO being the definition of the dream itself, you come to realize effortless creating... and the ..."purpose-driven" life. You can start living your dreams now. It's inevitable that the actual outcome you seek will come when you define "living your dreams" as the work that creates it. And it makes the most sense logically--because by the time you reach your "dream lifestyle" externally, it's highly probably based on those who have done it, that you will have a new dream anyway. Start living your dreams today... change the definition and be it, live now now and always.

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