It's not like you're chopping trees!

Are we loosing energy?  Are we becoming weaker?  It's funny the things that make us complain today...that wear us out...laundry that needs doing...emails that need sending...errands that need running...groceries that need shopping (lazy writing, sry!).  With all the rapid improvements that humanity has enjoyed in the last hundred years: cars, planes, decent roads, internet, cell phones, convenient grocery stores, washing machines, dryers, electric stoves, electricity, bathrooms, running water, dishwashers...why are people so tired?  

It's not like we're hauling our laundry to the river and washing it on rocks.  We dump it in a machine and press a button.

It's not like we're gardening and harvesting our own food.  We're pushing a cart in a store with anything and everything you can want or need sitting on a shelf conveniently packaged.

It's not like we're taking care of horses and tying them up to carriages that go 10 miles an hour every time we need to go somewhere.  We get in our cars and put the key in the ignition.

It all begins with your thoughts.  If you are thinking "tired," then regardless of how many conveniences surround you, your thoughts are going to make sure your body and mind manifest that message.
Whenever you feel like you're at the end of your energy...that you're working soooo hard....try to remember: it's not like you're chopping trees!

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