Thoughts on Fear

Fear is an interesting subject.  An enigma.  It can be your enemy or your ally - depending on how you use it.

We are born with only three fears - fear of falling, abandonment, and loud noises.  All other fears are learned.  Our brains accept whatever we believe - true or not - and makes sure that that belief is our experience of life.  So if we tell our brains, "Oh, I could never do (fill the blank).  I'm afraid because this bad thing will happen," then your brain will accept this belief - no questions asked - and it will make that your reality.  Even if it isn't true.

Now, how many times have you had to do something that you were afraid to do and discovered after doing it that your fears weren't based on anything real?  That there was nothing to be afraid of?  Can you recall that feeling you get after you accomplish something that used to be scary?  It feels like you've moved up a level in your experience of reality.  You've made a paradigm shift.

Our instinctive reaction when we feel fear is to run (mentally and physically) in the opposite direction of whatever it is we're afraid of.  And this is the reason why so many people are at a loss as to why they're not getting any closer to creating the life they want to live.  Because running away from your fears in synonymous with running away from your goals.

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