Thoughts on being patient in the journey

I remember a line from an article from someone well known in the PD (personal development) arena. I can't recall his name right now, but what he said really struck me and I'm glad I stumbled across it because this advice is golden and will make your journey to success much more joy-filled.

He said (and I'm expanding here) that there are basically two ways to achieve a goal. One way is to fret and worry about it and lose sleep over it. People who do this hang onto anxiety as if it's some kind of goal-achieving requisite. They subconsciously feel that to let go of their worry would mean letting go of their goal. They're acting on the belief system that once they become successful, then and only then can they relax and be happy. Until then they feel they have to "grit their teeth" to make it happen.

The other way is to have complete and utter faith that you will achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Then you simply act upon the little nudges that come your way. You're not concerned about connecting all the dots or seeing all the pieces of the puzzle. You've put your trust in God. And now you're enjoying the journey. You're being patient. And as your goals begin to materialize for you, you start to realize one very important thing in the process: happiness is not a product of success. Success is a product of happiness.

Since we always receive what we focus on, BOTH types of goal-achievers - the type that takes the path of the worrier and the type that takes the path of confident joy - will reach their goals.

The question you need to ask yourself is, "Which path would I rather be on?"

I think this sheds alot of light on the saying that "It's not about the destination. It's about the journey." How you treasure, enjoy, and savor the journey has a direct influence on just how sweet your destination turns out to be. And that's what personal development (and this blog!) is all about. :) - MFR

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