New Ultimate Life Binder, 3rd edition is here!

Hi! My name is Michelle Rohr, founder of the Secret O.W.L. Society and creator of the Ultimate Life Binder. My Life Binder story started in 2011 when I realised one day that I had just lived the same year twice and that it was a mediocre year. I was in a rut and had finally woken up to the fact that something seriously needed to change - Me. In one instant, I realised that by taking 100% responsibility for my life, I could design a life I love.

So every Saturday I would pack up some self-help materials and go sit in a coffee shop and just focus on what I wanted and how I could be spending my time better. I started finding goal-setting printables online and they were helping me a lot, but I was beginning to feel mentally cluttered with all my different sheets of paper. 

So I bought a 3-ring binder and organised my worksheets according to the different areas of my life. Suddenly it felt as though I had broken through to a higher level of personal development. I had figured out the key to actually applying everything I was learning because I could measure and review my progress. I had a system to help me take 100% responsibility for my life and live on an upward spiral. The Life Binder was born.

I'm SOOOO happy to now release the 3rd edition of the Ultimate Life Binder. Since launching the 1st edition on my blog one year ago, the Life Binder system has been purchased by over 1000 people. I am so honoured to be serving the world in this way. 

Using the Life Binder system continues to help me up-level my life. That point in my life in which I had repeated the same mediocre year twice is long gone. In the past 5 years of using my Life Binder, every year has been 10x better than the year before. It is truly mind-boggling!

I know that if you commit to taking 100% responsibility for your life, the same thing can happen for you.

Michelle Rohr
- the girl behind the Secret O.W.L. Society -

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