Free 2016 Goal-Setting Joybook

As a way of ushering in the new year and thanking you for being a fan of the Secret OWL Society, I created this workbook joybook. ;) I designed this with the intention of helping people feel alot of joy as they set their intentions for the year ahead.

Personally, I always get alot of joy out of writing out my goals. I literally do it every single day. And it's funny because every time I think I'm getting the hand of goal-setting, I realise more and more that goal setting and knowing how to dream in general is a skill and that I'm still learning. It takes practice to dream big. Every time I think that I've set a really big goal, I realise later that it only seemed big to the mindset I had at the time.

Now I really give myself permission to dream. Crazy, wild dreams that don't make any sense - it's just stuff I'd like to experience. One of my dreams is to "walk the red carpet." I have no desire to be an actress or anything. I just thought, "Huh, I'd like to do that one day." So I wrote it down. I 100% believe it's going to happen one way or another.

So I hope you truly HAVE FUN with this 2016 Goal-Setting Joybook. Just let yourself imagine, dream, and believe. And let me know how you like it! :) I might set a tradition to make a new one every year!

- If you're having trouble finding the email linking to the download, check your spam or promotions folder! 
- If you're still having trouble, please feel free to email me at :)

*The clip art used in this book is from Citrus and Mint. She has amazing work and using her art really helped me make this book 10x better! :)

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