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Before I start talking about this printable for May, let's take a look at April.  How are things looking for you now that April is over?  Have you gone back and looked at your answers for the Hello April printable yet? Do you feel like your life and mindset are more aligned with those answers than they were 30 days ago?

Here are my answers to some of April's questions...  

  • How do you define success?
"I define success as living in that mental space where I can take an idea and make it reality, unhindered by fear or circumstances."

  Values I circled in the printable (and my thinking behind them)... 
  • SIMPLICITY: I believe that the more we align with what is most important for us to do + focus on, the more simple life becomes. It's actually really, really difficult to make things simple. It requires intention and a strong ability to make decisions based on who we are and what we want.
  • BALANCE: The most successful person in the room is the person who has a life that is progressing in all areas - health, faith, family, financial, etc. This is something I am always working on.
  • CLARITY: The more clarity I have on what I want, the more my mind goes to work FOR me instead of against me. Our thoughts create our reality and our mind thinks in pictures. What follows is that we always create whatever picture it is that we hold in our mind. What picture are you holding in your mind? Is it a clear vision of the life you want or is confusion and indecision making that picture muddled and vague? Your mind is powerful. Give it something good to focus on. Get crystal clear on what you want. 

How I put my mind to work for me recently...

For a year, I carried one picture in my mind. It was a picture of myself sitting in a cafe in France with my laptop and coffee. To me, this image represented freedom, lifestyle, and just a sheer love for life and the work I get to do. A year ago I was running several businesses - businesses that kept me tied to a geographical location and always a little burned out. Holding that image in my subconscious helped me make decisions and go the extra mile a little bit more every day until I got to the point (4 months ago) where my life is literally a reflection of that cafe + laptop lifestyle. 

Now, about this month's printable...  

The theme for this month's printable is...MINDSET. I created this printable to help you get into a position of power, know where you stand, take stock of what's going good and what you're going to do to keep getting better.

Personally, I want to move onto the next step in my life and that requires thinking more highly about what I have to work with in my life right now.

I look back and I can see that whenever my life took a leap forward to a whole new level, it was because I would change my mindset about the opportunities that were in front of me right there in the moment - the humdrum, just-like-every-other-day moment. I realised that I had everything I needed to design a better life experience and it was right smack in front of me. My mindset shifted. Tiny opportunities were no longer tiny - they became buried treasure waiting for my to pick up a shovel and start digging. There was no customer too "small" for me to call, no networking event too "out of my way" to go to, no webinar too "inconveniently timed" for me to tune into. 

I turned my life around by taking advantage of "insignificant" opportunities, by bringing more value to whatever I did - no matter how trivial the work seemed.

I included a special quote in the printable + wallpaper that I think is important for you to remember through all this:

I added this quote because I want you to remember that even when you're going after the small opportunities, you're going to feel fear even then. The next time you're tempted to brush off an opportunity, do a gut check and ask yourself: "Am I brushing this off because it's small and not worth my time or because I'm actually afraid of something?" If fear is the motivating factor, then 99% of the time, YOU NEED TO JUST DO IT. Because conquering that fear is its own reward.

I have taken advantage of many opportunities that just "weren't my thing." They weren't a part of any long-term plan or goal, but I did them because I could sense the fear behind the opportunity trying to scare me away and keep me small.

Every time I did something I was afraid to do, I got to know myself better and like myself better - it was like I could trust myself to do what is best for my life and my future.

So...wow. If you read this far, thank you. I usually don't write this much, but I hope this post and this printable helps you. Click the button below to get yours!

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