Do the Best You Can

I consider myself a pretty lucky girl to be able to write for the Female Entrepreneur Association. This week, I shared a video and article featuring Jim Rohn. It's pretty inspiring. You should go have a watch. :) 


  1. Hi Michelle - I've come over from Female Entrepreneur Association to say how amazing your article was. :) I haven't heard of Jim Rohn before but WOW! Going to find all I can on him now how inspirational he was. Loving your website as well - just signing up for your newsletter and following you EVERYWHERE - too stalkery? ;)

    1. Welcome Rebecca! I'm so glad that you followed me over. :)
      Jim Rohn is the BEST. I consider him one of the godfathers of personal development.
      Thank you for signing up. I have awesome plans for this blog and you found me at the perfect time. :)


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