OWL Assignment

Living a successful life boils down to approaching life in a small number of uncommon ways.  One of those ways is to ALWAYS DO THE MOST UNPLEASANT THING FIRST.  I have not mastered this lesson.  Yet.  It's definitely a challenge, but sooooo worth it.  Just imagine how your day, week, month, year, life can be so incredibly different if you always did the most challenging thing first.  We like to distract ourselves and feel like we're accomplishing so much with the items we write down and check off on our to do list, but chances are...the most significant thing never got done.  So here's the challenge:  This is a new week.  Forget about all the other junk on your to do list and just focus on that one ugly, annoying, scary frog each day.  You can do it.  It's just one week.  You already know what results you've been getting from doing things the same old way.  It's time to try something new.  Let's see how different life can be when you EAT THAT FROG!


  1. While I follow a strict policy of only eating chocolate frogs, I have found that life as a college student has taught me—amongst other things—that accomplishing the most unpleasant tasks first is, while not immediately appealing, ultimately the greatest key to success. To many people, especially younger folk(you know who you are Peter Pan!), doing something you’d really rather not do before doing things that will be much easier in comparison probably seems contradictory. While I’ve always been a contrary person, it took five semesters of University to learn this vital lesson. The fact of the matter is, the hard and unappealing tasks tend to be the driving force behind procrastination. Unfortunately, they are the tasks the you absolutely do not want to procrastinate on! I used to be a college student who operated on high stress. It was my driving force, and secretly I think I loved the adrenaline rush that came with just narrowly making a deadline. However, after two semesters of tackling the hard assignments first I’ve learned that finding energy in things other than what I call the “cram-high” is ultimately much more rewarding. My feathers aren’t quite as ruffled as they were before and I act more like a bird with it’s head in tact than…well, a bird with it’s head cut off. And let me tell you, it is very hard to find ones head when one does not have a head.

  2. Hola, is this...Jesseca? Thanks for your comment! :)

  3. Who else would right such a spifftastic comment? I did promise that i'd comment a few times to make-up for never being able to attend your little parliament


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