The Virtue of Struggling

There is a lot of merit in struggling.  In standing for something and fighting for it, working for it, overcoming our weaknesses for it, and dying to self for it.  Life is always going to be a struggle; the key is to be struggling forward - moving towards something that will make the struggle worth it.  When this is the case, your struggles can be positive and exhilarating.  Your life is getting better for it.  Like an athlete going for a work out - the exertion gets painful, but it's a positive pain - the kind of pain that he knows is making him a stronger person, a better athlete.  Compare this pain and struggle with the pain and struggle of someone dealing with the consequences of poor health choices, poor financial choices, poor relationship choices.  Is the pain in your life positive or negative?  Is the struggle in your life taking you up or down?  Don't be afraid of struggling.  Don't be afraid of pain.  Just make sure your struggles and pains are coming from positive choices that are making you a better person instead of negative choices that are taking you no where good.

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