How to Get to Something Better

This is one of those life lessons that won't let you move on from the drawing board until you get it.
When we are unsatisfied with where we are, it is so easy to go into complacent mode...waiting around for things to change.  But that's exactly the recipe for staying stuck.  

The way to move on is to really appreciate and be grateful for where you are right now.  How so?  Because when we are grateful, we are happier and more positive.  And when we are positive, we make the most of our present circumstances.  

We are more productive and have our radar up for opportunities.  We start doing things that are outside of our routine.  All this adds up to creating change in your life and before you know it, your life is in a better place and you have become a better person.  
OWL Principle:
If you want to move onto a better place in your life, then make the most of where you are now.

What are your tips for getting unstuck and moving on?

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