Checklist your Life

We all want to be organized because not being so is a real pain.  But how can we bullet proof being organized?  

Use a check list.

Use a check list for every area of your life that is in limbo land and needs to get on the Slight Edge train wagon.  The Slight Edge teaches that massive success is the result of repeating simple, key actions every single day consistently and persistently.  The tricky part is that because our days are full of what's urgent, we don't pay attention to what's important - those simple, daily actions.  We need a check list to keep our eyes on those actions.

Your Slight Edge Check Lists can be divided up to cover different areas of your life.  Such as:
- Business
- Health
- Family
- Financial

For each area, identify the key activities that you need to do every day to make the compound effect magic of the Slight Edge work for you.  Here's an easy example:

Slight Edge HEALTH Check List:
1. Drink 8 cups of water
2. Exercise for 30 minutes
3. Sleep for 8 hours
4. Eat healthy
5. Take vitamins

Having to put a check mark next to each of those items will keep you accountable and help you create the HABITS you need to build a successful life.  We know it takes 21 days to create a habit, and that to miss a day means starting over at day 1.  

With a check list, you eliminate the chance missing a day because you simply forgot and you eliminate the annoying feeling of trying to keep track of everything in your head.

Outside of having check lists that cover your Slight Edge actions, you should also have check lists for all the stuff that doesn't rank as slight edge activities but still needs to get done.  I call it the Dump List - the broken door, the unsent letter, the essay for that contest, etc.  Keeping this list checked off is just as important because these are the kinds of tasks that will drain you of the energy that you need for your Slight Edge lists.  

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