What do you do when you feel stuck?

Okay, so you're on the path of personal development and then it happens.  You feel like things aren't really moving fast enough and you're beginning to doubt whether you're even making any progress in your life at all.  You see other people who you know are not putting themselves through the process of personal development and yet they look like they're enjoying more fun and progress than you are.  You're thinking: "What's going on?  I'm putting in all this reading time, doing the daily sacrifices and disciplines, working on my project and business...where's my payday?"  This is when you have to remember the principles of...THE SLIGHT EDGE.
Do you see how the arrows appear to be going along a horizontal line before suddenly shooting out in a vertical direction?  Understanding this will help you realize that as long as you are on the path of personal development, as long as you are reading, growing, and doing the daily disciplines, you can never really be stuck because things are happening...we just don't get to see it right away.

"Cause and effect are not closely related in time and space."

You just have to utterly believe and accept that your "EFFECT" will happen.  As Jim Rohn says, "Keep the faith."  Successful people understand the process of THE SLIGHT EDGE.  They know that if they just stay committed to the daily disciples with no thought about whether or not things appear to be happening, they will reach that point in time when effect kicks in and sky-rockets them into unbelievable success.

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