Musings of a Barista

What operating a coffee shop for nearly 4 years has taught me:

- What at first seems like a negative challenge can turn into a great blessing just as soon as your attitude changes - and we have the power to change our attitude whenever we choose.

- The fundamentals stay the same, but on another level, if you don't keep on innovating, your business will suffer and so will you.

- Quit holding on to what doesn't work. Just because it's the way you've always done things is no reason to keep on doing it the same way. Keep reinventing yourself and your business until you get the results you deserve. Even if what you have now is a good thing, you have to let go of the good in order to go for the great.

- Give yourself permission and time to think about what you actually desire for yourself and your business.

- Constantly pursue your "happy place" feelings. Listen to what those feelings are telling you. Take control of creating the kind of environment that you truly enjoy being in. You create your own reality - even at work.

- Creativity, happy feelings, purpose, and vision - it all begins with gratitude! Cultivate gratitude in yourself daily. Practice it, think it, write about it, read about it. Without gratitude, your reality turns into ash. Developing a spirit of authentic gratitude is a life-long pursuit.

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