Stephanie's Life Binder

When did you start using the Life Binder and what first turned you on to the concept?

I was browsing Pinterest one day, about a month or two ago, and came across a pin for the Life Binder. It caught my eye, so I took a look at your site...and fell in love! I thought it was amazing and didn't know why I hadn't thought of it myself, or found it sooner!

What is one way that the Life Binder has helped you?

It has helped me stay organized! I am no longer going through 12 different notebooks or looking through scattered papers and post-its. It is all in one place and easy to keep up with.

What categories have you divided your binder into?

My binder is in 8 categories. 

1) Planner : keeping work schedule, doctor appointments, etc.
2) Finances : keep track of bills.
3) Make It Easy : keep grocery lists, cleaning routine, and my daily routine that I *try* to keep on top of.
4) Lists : things like books to read, movies to watch, bucket list...
5) Floral : anything from projects to flower meanings to what's in season.
6) Desire Map : from Danielle Laporte ( and how I can follow that concept.
7) Veteran : (my husband is a Combat Vet) so anything about the VA, articles on PTSD, TBI, etc. goes here.
8) Faith :  keep scriptures I love, prayer requests, random acts of kindness... 

What advice do you have for other people starting their own Life Binder?

My advice is to figure out what categories suit you. Not everyone has the same things going on, so don't try to fit your life into someone else's index. Also realize that it takes awhile to make it "pretty". I have been working on mine for 2 months and it still needs a lot of work! But, it's at least organized, which in turn keeps me from going insane, and that's what counts!

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