Why personal development?

Look at this picture. Why is that yellow ball smiling? He's smiling because he's discovered the power of personal development in helping him live a tangibly better life that moves him toward his goals.

Well, that's my interpretation of this picture anyway.

Here's what my favorite personal development coach has to say on the importance of continuous self-education:

"What and how we think determine much of what we are and what we become. This is why it is so important to continually, until the day we draw our last breath, develop our intellect. Sadly, for most people, the learning stops when they get their first job. But imagine what could happen if you kept up an accelerated learning curve for the rest of your life. What could you do, what skills would you develop, what unique philosophies would you adopt if you were one of the few who developed an appetite for constantly looking for good ideas, for new ways of looking at things, etc.? Commit today to that exciting process and see where it will take you."

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